Sweat Equity Creative comes from the hearts and minds of Kate Field and Levi LaLonde. Two entrepreneurs who believe this is the age of the small business owner. Individually they've developed skillsets that compliment one another.

She's a rough & tumble Aussie who is a top-tier image retoucher, photographer and graphic designer. She has previously worked in PR and advertising for Sydney agencies PPR, TRIBE and MetroGraphics where she designed branding and promotional strategies for major retailers and government clients.

He is an Alaskan brand developer who has personally hand built two beautiful brick and mortar martial arts and fitness academies from the ground up as well as developed a brand of sports camp retreats in the caribbean. His capabilities include everything from the branding, full interior/exterior design and aesthetic to the policy and procedures, accounting systems,  online marketing and guerrilla promotions. 

Together these two have a passion for seeing dreams come to reality.
They travel full time in their overland 4x4 Sprinter Van, creating content and crafting brand stories from incredible locations.

If you want to see your company growth come to fruition it can only help to see what Sweat Equity Creative has to offer.