small business is 


All our packages can be tailored to your needs. Brand development and culture creation, videography, photography and guerilla sales representation, R&D product development and reviews.

Let us fill in the blanks so you can focus on what you're best at. 


social media

If you're not into the online work, we can take over your social media and manage it for you. Creating and curating engaging content. Streamlining your posts through Facebook, Instagram and your website. Engaging with your followers and searching out new ways to funnel them to your website.

Or we can simply apply some growth platforms to help you generate a new large batch of followers for your current accounts. 

Social Media is generally the #2 way to get the word out about your business behind word of mouth.



Sometimes we need to take a step back and see what we could change to bring in a fresh tribe of new clients. Rebranding is a great way to encourage new growth. 

This includes new logos, promotional apparel design and sourcing, setting up a grand-reopening, a brand new website, an online marketing package as well as flyers and business cards. 

Don't repaint your space, make physical improvements or buy new signage without seriously considering rebranding. 


ride along content

Content creation can reach further with us. Send your product to ride along on our next adventure. 

Check in to see where we are travelling to next and book your product a seat. We will take photos in high resolution of your product in magical locations, create fully edited videos with soundtracks, write reviews and spread the love on social media. Bicycles zipping around Joshua Tree, Hammocks lazing in the Redwood forest, Tech gadgets at work in Zion - yes please!

Save money, no need to fly a crew to location, just send your product to ride along, it's in safe hands!



We are not influencers, our approach is to offer genuine recommendations from our personal experience in a conversational voice. We find that sales don’t come from a flashy expensive booth at an event where people feel pressured, real sales and brand loyalty comes from a conversation around a campfire, a recommendation from a friend.

Think of our van as the water cooler conversation starter wherever we travel and have our voices represent your brand.

Price Samples

30 images
Our starter pack, add some spice and variety to your existing in house images.
$900 per month

60 images (recommended)
The perfect amount for 3 posts per day when paired with user generated (hashtag) images.
$1600 per month

6 super short videos
Receive 6 videos each 5-10 seconds long. We call these our ‘super shorts’ increase engagement and grab attention with a beautiful moving video of your product. You can see samples of these on our video page. Ask us why these shorter videos can triple your engagement.

45-60 second feature videos
Perfected length for social media sharing. Edited in time to music geared to evoke emotion and tell your story.

Video build up pack
2x super shorts
1x 60 second feature video
1x 15 second sales short
1x story image 

The videos in this pack will all be focused around telling a single story. We love the video build up pack for social media, heres how it works. Spread your pack out over a week starting with your super shorts as a teaser, then show your feature video mid week with the linked story image calling people to watch the video. Follow it all up with a sales short with more focus on product. Mix these videos in with your usual still image posting for a high engagement week!

Want us to meet up with a sponsored personality and document their story? Often brands pair with athletes or similar personalities, but a top athlete is not always a top photographer. Let us bridge this gap by shooting in their element and crafting a story for both parties social medias.
$1500 per day still photography. Edited videos available to be added and shot in the same day.

The sit back and relax package. We will photograph, plan, schedule and curate your posts. Interact with your niche market to increase engagement and drive traffic to your website or store. We will grow your Instagram organically and create your personal vibe to attract your real tribe.
- price available on request. - starting from $3500 per month

Send our van with your product to events where we will act as guerilla sales reps
- price available on request. - from $1000 per day 

R&D product development and reviews
Great pairing with ride along content creation - price available on request - from $1000 per month

Let us know your exact needs and we can tailor a package for you!